Shougang Concord

International Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Our business includes parking facilities operation and management, private equity fund management services in mainland China……

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Listed on the main board of HKEX

in 1991

  • Press Releases

    02 Dec 2019

    SCIE (00697.HK) has gain a bundle of investment:why is parking industry so favoured by the capital (Gelonghui) Read More
  • Financial Reports

    16 Sep 2019

    Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited- 2019 Year Interim Report

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  • Investors

    It is the mission of Shougang Concord to become the leading listed company providing comprehensive urban services in Hong Kong…… Read More

  • Management Team

    The Company is committed to maintaining good corporate governance standard and procedures to safeguard the interests of all shareholders and……

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